International Foundation for Civil Society Offers Expertise in Key Region

Bahman Baktiari, executive director of the International Foundation for Civil Society: The Middle East & North Africa (MENA), understands the strategic importance of events such as the Arab Spring, the name given to the outburst of revolution that has toppled regimes from Tunisia to Egypt, and resulted in protest movements in Yemen and Bahrain. Baktiari’s organization has dedicated itself to furthering tolerance and creating ties of cultural understanding, and as part of this mission, Baktiari and his colleagues are responsible for guiding MENA’s many projects. The organization is among the panoply of institutions that have increased in importance with the prominence of the challenges faced in the region. 

Those challenges include not only the ongoing ramifications of the Arab Spring, but also the various conflicts involving the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Currently, NATO is involved in the decade-old conflict in Afghanistan, as well as the more recent conflict that collapsed the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. Add to this issues related to the young government of Iraq, and the need for expert guidance like that offered by MENA becomes obvious. 

New conflicts, such as the brewing civil war in Syria, promise to keep international eyes fixed on the region. 

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About bahmanbaktiari

Bahman Bakhtiari is widely considered an authority on the political and social realities within Iran. He has conducted thorough and extensive research into the subject and shared his expertise through numerous avenues. He has authored a multitude of book chapters and articles, given frequent lectures and presentations in academic and professional settings, and penned several conference papers. Mr. Bakhtiari has also appeared on major news programs such as National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation, Morning Edition, and All Things Considered; CNN; PBS’s Jim Lehrer News Hour; Christian Science Monitor Radio; and ABC News. Bahman Bakhtiari has been quoted in print media such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, the Orlando Sentinel, and Congressional Quarterly Research. Bahman Bakhtiari earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Denver in 1979. Mr. Bakhtiari graduated with a double major in Philosophy and Political Science before relocating to Charlottesville, Virginia, where he enrolled in the University of Virginia for graduate studies. He earned a Master of Arts in Foreign Affairs in 1981 and remained at the institution to obtain a Doctorate in Government. After his education, Bahman Bakhtiari lectured at numerous conferences and colleges, including the United States Department of State, National Defense University, and Texas A&M University. He currently is the Executive Director for the International Foundation for Civil Society: The Middle East & North Africa. Bahman Bakhtiari also holds membership in the United States Institute for Peace Working Group on Iran. He continues to broaden his comprehension on his area of expertise.

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